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To get the job done right – there is no room for compromise.

You need the right technician in the right place at the right time. But being

successful in the field doesn’t take a miracle. It takes hard work, smart

planning and the best technology.


That’s where the TCG – TechDispatchTM and Honeywell field service

solutions deliver results with easy to use cloud-based work order

management solution. You can not only improve your operational efficiency,

but also delight your customers and staff!


TechDispatch makes it easy to improve your field team’s efficiency:

  • Schedule work by day, time or person
  • Dispatch the right job to the right person
  • Eliminate paperwork errors
  • Reduce unnecessary drive time
  • Review jobs on the go


Serving the Baltimore – Washington metropolitan area, TCG is a premier

provider of barcode and RFID data collections solutions. Since 1977 our

technicians have provided support for government, commercial, healthcare,

retail, and warehouse – and we can help your organization succeed.



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