Our team’s experience within the transportation industry has shown us that this is a very diverse market segment. Transportation needs include scanning rail cars or vehicles for inspections; maintenance for the Metro; printing the FAA flight strips for baggage and passenger ticketing; and the most complex credential verification, such as fingerprints and passports for TSA. TCG understands that failure to perform could be catastrophic. Our solutions often involve different companies working together to get the job done. TCG has done this before and can do it for you.

Ticketing and Inspection

Mobile devices make it easy for Metro attendants to validate passengers’ prepaid transit tickets. The devices can also be used for safety and maintenance inspections of the rail cars.

Printing Flight Tickets and Baggage Strips

High volume printers in various sizes and configurations are used to meet the extreme demand of this industry. RFID technology is helpful when it comes to pallet containers and box labels.

Credential Verification

An example of this application is EZ-Dl, which lets police quickly validate a driver’s license. Another example may involve identifying the person traveling or receiving packages.