Warehouse Management

Organizing a warehouse can be an overwhelming task. Having specific hardware helps you know what is on hand and where it is located. Industrial rugged scanners are a must. Other common warehouse equipment include long-range scanners, fork lift computers, and even wearable hands-free computers and ring scanners.

Inventory Management

Knowing stock levels, item locations, and space available are all critical to successful warehouse operation.

Warehouse Picking and Sorting

Pulling items out of inventory to complete an order is often a two-handed job. You can’t be slowed down with one hand on a mobile computer. TCG has wearable computers and ring scanners to keep your workers hands-free and ready to go.

Shipping & Receiving

Items constantly come and go in a warehouse. TCG has Industrial scanners and printers to handle any volume. Printers can be used to re-label items and create shipping labels, while barcode scanning can track a change of custody.