Having an efficient sales transaction is important to both the customer and the retailer. With self-checkout increasing, the need to scan coupons and loyalty codes on cell phones requires a quality 2D scanner. Getting that information to the POS system is what TCG does. We don’t provide the POS system, but we focus on the barcode side of things. TCG will get you the correct scanners, special cables, and easy-to-use receipt printers that reduce checkout times. We also provide what you need to manage your inventory and keep the floor stocked. This is our core business and is at the core of your business as well. Manage this efficiently, and let the retail sales grow.

Point of Sale Scanning and Line Busting

All shoppers have seen barcode scanners at the checkout line, whether it’s in the clerk’s hand or mounted on the counter. However, mobile computers can help reduce the lines even more. PDAs and tablets have proven effective in creating a mobile solution to the checkout counter.

Receipt Printing and Ticketing

The transaction always requires a receipt. Having a printer that doesn’t jam and that is easy to load won’t interfere with your sales process. These printers can even create wristbands for customers instead of receipts. For example, this would be essential at a water park, where a receipt is impractical.

Transaction Terminal

Self-service is growing. Customers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable and want to checkout on their own. Transaction terminals allow your customers both options of self-checkout and direct sales. The initial cost of these stations is offset by the reduced overhead needed to keep a checkout line open just in case.