TCG helps manufacturers keep up with demands that can be 24/7. These facilities need reliable equipment to maintain around-the-clock operations, such as high volume industrial printers, fixed mount conveyor scanners, and rugged mobile computers. Cold storage environments require specially heated devices so workers can continue productivity within the freezer. These devices need to be user friendly to accommodate the diverse workforce.

Scanning Supplies and Lot Numbers

It’s essential to make sure you have enough supplies on hand to complete a job, before you gear up to start manufacturing. Accurate details about the product lot numbers are often needed to maintain quality control processes.

Conveyor Scanners

Barcode readers aren’t just handheld. The use of fixed mount scanners on the conveyor allows for hands-free automated sortation of products and quality control.

Packaging  and Cold Storage

Manufacturers need printers that can generate labels for different needs. Adhesives for food products will differ for many reasons, such as direct food contact. Cold storage also requires special labels that can adhere and scanners that last full shifts inside the freezer.