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Add Color to Your Medical Wristband

With the Biopoint Certified C3400TCG-VAMC Epson printer, you can add color to your wristbands.   This can help quickly identify patients as allergy, fall, or other types of risk.  The AHA is trying to develop a color-wristband-standardization.pdf system across the nation. That way, colors are consistent from hospital to hospital.    Here’s a brief video to illustrate some of the differences between Direct Thermal black and white wristband printing and Epson Color wristband printing.

New Android Healthcare Mobile Computer

For healthcare organizations seeking to deliver patient-centered care more efficiently, the Dolphin™ CT50h clinical smartphone empowers clinicians and staff with seamless mobile access to clinical systems, vital patient data and connectivity between the care team. Purpose-built for highly mobile clinicians, the DCT50h device combines unparalleled capabilities with a rugged, modern device to maximize workforce productivity, task accuracy and return on investment.  See the attached CT50H Smart Device Resume.

Zebra DS3678 Product Spotlight Review

The Zebra DS3678-HP Cordless product line has been out for about 6 months now and we have some real-world experience to share.  TCG has successfully installed about dozen units in a harsh, distribution center environment.  To see the results and read the full customer experience and comments, Click here:  Zebra DS3678-HP Review