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Why BCMA(BPOC) is so important..

It’s important for the patients and the hospitals.  About 15 years ago there were three quarters of a million Adverse drug event(ADE) reports.  With the advent of many EHR and barcode medication administration systems-that number is decreasing everyday.

We need to continue the push:

  • Patients who experienced adverse drug events (ADEs) were hospitalized an average of 8 to 12 days longer than patients who did not suffer ADEs, and their hospitalization cost $16,000 to $24,000 more.
  • Anywhere from 28 percent to 95 percent of ADEs can be prevented by reducing medication errors through computerized monitoring systems.
  • Computerized medication order entry has the potential to prevent an estimated 84 percent of dose, frequency, and route errors.
  • Hospitals can save as much as $500,000 annually in direct costs by using computerized systems.

TCG was the first company to work with OEM’s in the development of healthcare plastic and FIPS 140-2 secure barcode scanners.   We are the original.     Let us recommend the best BCMA Scanner for your Health Information Systems such as: AllScripts (Eclypsis), Epic, Cerner, CPIS, McKesson, Meditech, and Siemens.

BCMA Barcode scanner at point of care



Never put the wrong label on a specimen or sample again!

Don’t ever grab the wrong sample or specimen labels from the networked laser printer again. Zebra’s QLn Series Healthcare printers are small and light enough
to be easily carried on a belt clip or mobile medication cart and deliver labels at the point
of care. This saves time and money and improves the patient experience, not to mention-patient safety.

In addition, we recently added FIPS 140-2 to enhance wireless security on these devices.

Zebra QLN Healthcare Mobile Printers

Click Here for complete Datasheet.

Have you cleaned your HC barcode scanner lately?

When using barcode scanners in a healthcare facility, cleaning a scanner that is constantly handled should be part of your process.  Cleaning is the necessary first step of any sterilization or disinfection process.   Our top suppliers have scanners with housings that are made just for that environment.  Here is how we helped them develop that technology and the recommended cleaning process.    It also lists the appropriate cleaning agents.  Please let us know how we can help your healthcare facility.

Add Color to Your Medical Wristband

With the Biopoint Certified C3400TCG-VAMC Epson printer, you can add color to your wristbands.   This can help quickly identify patients as allergy, fall, or other types of risk.  The AHA is trying to develop a color-wristband-standardization.pdf system across the nation. That way, colors are consistent from hospital to hospital.    Here’s a brief video to illustrate some of the differences between Direct Thermal black and white wristband printing and Epson Color wristband printing.

New Android Healthcare Mobile Computer

For healthcare organizations seeking to deliver patient-centered care more efficiently, the Dolphin™ CT50h clinical smartphone empowers clinicians and staff with seamless mobile access to clinical systems, vital patient data and connectivity between the care team. Purpose-built for highly mobile clinicians, the DCT50h device combines unparalleled capabilities with a rugged, modern device to maximize workforce productivity, task accuracy and return on investment.  See the attached CT50H Smart Device Resume.

TCG Helps VA Medical Centers Update Barcode Medication Administration System

tcg-va-case-studyIn 2008 TCG teamed up with Honeywell to deliver a barcode medication administration (BCMA) scanner to VA Medical Centers—one that set a new standard for patient data security, drug administration safety, and product durability.

Having maintained a product support relationship with the VA ever since, TCG was once again engaged by the VA in September, 2012, to update the VA’s barcode scanners to the next generation of Honeywell technology. This time, TCG managed the purchase and deployment of 12,000 corded scanners (1900HHD-BCMA) and 10,000 wireless scanners (1902HHD-OUSB-5FVA). These products were designed around the specific needs of the VA.

Our case study explains how our solution addressed the VA needs for security, durability, and flexibility in their products.