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Removing Wireless Connection Capabilities

A certain government agency that had very strict security standards came to us for a custom solution. They used a certain product all over the world, but they needed a device that didn’t have any kind of radios or cameras or wireless connection capabilities. The operating system had to be stripped down to the basics.

TCG worked with the government client to find out their requirements. We took an existing product and worked with the manufacturer to disable some. The end result was a device that did not have remote access, meeting the client’s security standards.

Tracking US Immigrant Files


Every immigrant has a case folder that needs to stay active for 100 years. TCG has taken part in the software to track, audit, and destroy those folders since 1999.

From 2001 until 2015 the technology solution included a mobile component. Recently, however, the government revamped their protocol, and new Homeland Security standards had to be met.

TCG took care of the first triage and handling of the devices. We replaced the hardware, sent them back to the manufacturers, and came up with a solution to meet the government requirements.

TCG and Softeon Partner to Provide a Cutting Edge Approach to Warehouse Management

TCG and Softeon provide an innovative technology solution to streamline warehouse operations.

In this White Paper, we:

  • define the supply-chain challenges that many organizations experience
  • describe the types of data collection technology that work best in warehouse and distribution center environments
  • explain the critical nature of partnering with the right provider for the design, implementation, and support of an automated warehouse management solution

TCG Helps VA Medical Centers Update Barcode Medication Administration System

tcg-va-case-studyIn 2008 TCG teamed up with Honeywell to deliver a barcode medication administration (BCMA) scanner to VA Medical Centers—one that set a new standard for patient data security, drug administration safety, and product durability.

Having maintained a product support relationship with the VA ever since, TCG was once again engaged by the VA in September, 2012, to update the VA’s barcode scanners to the next generation of Honeywell technology. This time, TCG managed the purchase and deployment of 12,000 corded scanners (1900HHD-BCMA) and 10,000 wireless scanners (1902HHD-OUSB-5FVA). These products were designed around the specific needs of the VA.

Our case study explains how our solution addressed the VA needs for security, durability, and flexibility in their products.