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The PX940 series takes industrial printing to a new level of accuracy and simplicity.

Developed for companies that are subjected to fines levied for non-compliance to regulatory standards, and returned shipments due to unreadable or unscannable barcodes, the PX940 high-performance industrial printer with integrated label verification technology delivers barcodes that are defect-free and 100% accurate every time.

Some Highlights include:

Defect-Free Labels, Every Time

Integrated label verification technology checks and ensures that labels print accurately every time; instantly notifies you of pass/fail status and ANSI grade.

Precision Printing for Small Labels

Extremely precise printing of up to +/-0.3 mm (0.012 in) virtually eliminates poor-quality, unreadable labels and barcodes.

No PC Required

Smart printing capability allows you to configure settings on the printer without the need for a host computer.

TCG and Softeon Partner to Provide a Cutting Edge Approach to Warehouse Management

TCG and Softeon provide an innovative technology solution to streamline warehouse operations.

In this White Paper, we:

  • define the supply-chain challenges that many organizations experience
  • describe the types of data collection technology that work best in warehouse and distribution center environments
  • explain the critical nature of partnering with the right provider for the design, implementation, and support of an automated warehouse management solution