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TCG adds Improved 1950h-BCMA to Federal Healthcare lineup

TCG adds Improved 1950h-BCMA to Federal Healthcare lineup. The1950h healthcare scanner is ideal for patient admissions and BCMA/BPOC applications. New and improved scanning operations make it one of the fastest and most accurate scanners in the healthcare industry. It can be programmed to directly interface with your EHR or BCMA application right out of the box. This allows for ease of installation and support for both your nurse and IT staff or biomedical staff. Click here for the datasheet. Contact 410-239-6808 for more information on the 1950h-BCMA.

Introducing the Zebra TC52 and TC72

TC52 and TC72 Mobile Computer from Zebra

At the edge of your business are your front-line workers that spend their days face-to-face serving the important asset in your company — your customers. Now, there are devices designed to take staff enablement and customer service to the next level by delivering everything your workers need to achieve peak efficiency, with trouble-free reliability — the TC52 rugged and TC72 ultra-rugged Android Touch Computers. These new touch computers build on the highly successful TC51 and TC70x, to create the ultimate all-touch computers for workers inside the four walls — a smartphone experience for ultimate in simplicity, construction designed to withstand years of the toughest everyday use and abuse for the ultimate in rugged design, and a new platform offering more capabilities than any other device in this class. The TC52 and TC72 — for a real competitive edge at the edge of your business, delivered.

TCGbarcode can even supply no radio or wireless versions for those ultimate secure Government locations.

CAC Card Barcode Reader for Quick Attendance

The 1900GSR-2USBCAC Scanner kit is great for taking a quick attendance into Excel or similar applications.   The scanner removes the extraneous data and only transmits the name, rank, and pay grade of personnel.    No other software needs to be installed.   Simply connect the scanner to a USB port.   See video for demonstration.   An optional hands-free stand is available too.

Hassle-Free, Battery-Free, Green Barcode Scanner

Battery-Free Wireless Area-Imager Scanner

An area-imager scanner that offers wireless freedom in a revolutionary, battery-free design powered by fast-charging super-capacitor.

green barcode scanner         

Features & Benefits

  • Battery-free technology eliminates the time, expense, hassle and environmental impact of battery-powered scanners.
  • Super-capacitors hold their charge for hours – providing typically more than 450 scans per charge.
  • Fast-charging super-capacitors have enough power for over 100 scans with less than 20 seconds of charging, and fully charge in less than a minute.
  • Delivers the same aggressive barcode scanning performance as other Xenon scanners – even on poor-quality or damaged barcodes.
  • Click Here for the Datasheet

TCG Commercial Finance Delivers Pre-qualified Quotes Instantly

Anything you buy from TCG is now available for commercial financing through our convenient financing portal:     Click here for more information or to begin the process.

It’s fast, easy, and free!  Free Instant Quotes
The Culver Group(TCG) Commercial Finance delivers pre-qualified quotes instantly. You give us some basic information and we provide you actual monthly finance payments from leading finance companies.


Zebra Printer Power Supply Recall-Voluntary

Zebra has announced a power supply recall for

The recall period is expanded to include PSUs manufactured by the FSP Group between October 1, 2006 and December 31, 2012. These PSU’s were sold as after-market kits or included with the sale of Zebra printers that may or may not have been included in the original recall notice. This is a comprehensive list of associated printer models. Items in bold below indicate the newly added printer models associated with this recall.

  • GC420D/T
  • G-Series (GK420D/T, GX420D/T, GX430D/T)
  • GK888D/T
  • GT Series (GT800, GT810, GT820, GT830)
  • HC100
  • LP/TLP Series (2724, 2824, 2824Z, 2824 Plus, 2844, 2844Z, 3742, 3842, 3844Z)
  • P1XX Series (P100, P110, P120)
  • R2844Z
  • R402
  • ZP455
  • ZXP3

Complete instructions and new power supply request forms are available here:

Simplifying Healthcare Barcode Solutions

Healthcare environments are already sophisticated and complicated.  The last thing you want to worry about is if your Point-of-Care barcode scanner or specimen printer is operating correctly.   With over 30,000 barcode scanners deployed in the real hospital environments; we can help you avoid the common and uncommon pitfalls.


MICC Compatible Barcode Scanner

TCG adds a simple barcode scanner compatible with MICC, United States Army Mission and Installation Contracting Command.   This scanner is a USB device and is great for Office automation barcode scanning activities.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

Click here for datasheet    ls2208 MICC capable

TCG’s response to gray market products

As we head into this summer season, we thought it would be a good time to let all our valued customers know TCG continues to hold top partner levels with both Zebra and Honeywell.  We are a premier partner for both of these OEMS.

What does that mean?

It means we only purchase product direct from the factory or from one of the three certified Distributors.    It means we are trained and certified to support all the products we sell.  We will not just send you off to a factory help desk should you have any problems.  We maintain a brick and mortar building and not just a webstore.   It’s means the product we sell will have legitimate serial numbers recognized by the OEM warranty system.

Why is this important?

There are several companies distributing Honeywell and Zebra product that are not authorized to do so.  This is called gray market. This grey market product is sold directly from their webstore and through 3rd party resale sites.

The origin of this product did not come from an authorized USA distributor and may not be covered by any type of OEM warranty or support.

What are gray market items?

The “gray market” is made up of genuine goods sold through unauthorized channels in direct competition with USA authorized distributors. Because gray market items are sold by companies who are not authorized by the manufacturer to sell their products, gray market items do not have any warranty coverage.  Some of this product may also be new, old stock that is legitimately excessed by the original purchasers.

If you suspect you received gray market items, please contact us as soon as possible with a serial number of the product.  We can help trace the origins of the product and help you the best we can.

Zebra Premier Partner

Honeywell Platinum Partner

Have you cleaned your HC barcode scanner lately?

When using barcode scanners in a healthcare facility, cleaning a scanner that is constantly handled should be part of your process.  Cleaning is the necessary first step of any sterilization or disinfection process.   Our top suppliers have scanners with housings that are made just for that environment.  Here is how we helped them develop that technology and the recommended cleaning process.    It also lists the appropriate cleaning agents.  Please let us know how we can help your healthcare facility.