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Labeling Supplies for US MEPCOM

Did you know you can get your MEPCOM label supplies easy and economically right from TCG? We have been supplying multiple MEPS Centers since the early 1990’s! These supplies include the name badge, File folder and medical labels. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours.

a. Identification Badge (Name Badge Labels NB4253-10). Applicants processing at the MEPS (regardless of sponsorship or status) will wear a System-generated identification badge. MEPS will not manually add any PII, PHI, or “unnecessary remarks” to the badge. MEPS are not required to collect the badges upon processing completion.
b. File Packet Label(File Folder FF4251-4 ). Applicant packet records will have a System-generated label that displays the applicant SSN, last name, first name, and middle name.

These labels run on a Zebra, Cognitive, Honeywell, or other Direct Thermal Desktop printer.